What are the opportunities with A1 filters.com?

There are a lot of different filters. Swimming pool filters, HEPA, photography, industrial, aquarium, etc to mention a few.

The Yellow Pages are dead, but there must be a few places where coming first in the alphabet has value. 馃檪

Here are some of the kinds of filter categories

Filters can be a back door to competitive products.

For example, existing photography blogs are so well established it would be hard to get ranked on the first page of Google for Nikon or Canon. The competition for camera filters is much less and the same kind of people who are looking for camera filters also buy cameras.

Build an info type blog.

Information blogs monetized by AdSense still make money. Watch some of the Income School videos on YouTube to get a better fell for how this could be done.

A1 filters was first registered in 2005.

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