Bright Shiny Objects

BSO’s, also known as Bright Shiny Objects, are the many products and services whose marketing convinces you it will solve your most urgent problem. It is especially common in the software business. You see the ads for a killer, lifetime deal cheap on a site like AppSumo and it looks like just what you need to solve a problem you anticipate. You buy it, and put it on the shelf until you actually need it. Of course, that time never comes. You may even forget you own the product.

BSO’s are especially attractive when you are in the early days of deciding what kind of online business you want to create. You can easily envision a use for the product. It’s to good a deal to pass up! But maybe you should?

Many of the AppSumo type deals are early stage startups. Many will fail. Some will thrive. Some you will actually use. The goal is to have the total BSO cost be less then the recurring charges would have been if you waited to buy the products until you actually needed them.

Especially in the beginning it is hard to tell what category your purchases will fall into. Its a good sign if the development team has a track record of success with their products in a similar market. A lot of it is guesswork.

My BSO experience so far

These are services I use all the time.

  • Malcare – Malware prevention & removal
  • Shortpixel – Image optimization to speed web page load time
  • Stencil – Quick Pinterest graphics
  • Tubebuddy – Stats on the videos you view on YouTube

These are services which have thrived, but I don’t use. It’s to bad lifetime deals can’t be resold.

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Artboard Studio – Quick advertising graphics
  • BigMarker – Webinar software
  • Curated – Newsletter subscription management
  • Offeo – Marketing Video creation
  • WayMark – Video Creation

I could list a hundred I bought which failed, got sold, quit honoring their deal, or have become so irrelevant I forget I own them. Lets just say it adds up to a lot of money 🙁

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