Testing how it would work to embed Carrd landing pages onto DomainMSTR. Embedding didn’t work but linking to a Carrd site that has the Pinterest plin and details works well and looks good.

Using Carrd to prototype a “Brochure” website

You have no doubt noticed DomainMSTR is very plain. That’s because you are viewing the default template that comes with GeneratePress. I haven’t changed any of the settings to make it “pretty”.

Like many non-designers I’m not really sure what I want.

So, how do I figure out colors, fonts, and other settings that I would like without trashing the whole site? Many designers use tools like Figma to wire-frame a proposed design. That works for them but is over-kill for me. I want something that makes it easy to play around without a big learning curve.

I think will be an excellent solution.

Carrd is a VERY cheap way to design and host single page websites. The user interface is elegant and easy to use. Using Carrd I can quickly test the colors and layout until I find something Ilike. I can also load the Carrd pages with real content which I can copy & paste to the live site when I am happy with them. While under construction the pages are live on the web and can be easily shared with others for comment & approval.

Selecting brand colors

By default, there are 7 colors added. Each color has a specific purpose.

These are the default settings

Note that I am old and need a lot of contrast to read text easily. I also try for a colorblind friendly palette.

The color choices show below will change the theme from the default to a dark theme.

From left to right in the theme customizer:

  • Contrast – strongest text color ffffff white
  • Contrast 2 – lighter text color FFC200 yellow
  • Contrast 3 – lightest text/border color B4C5E4 lite blue
  • Base – dark background (strongest text still readable) 000000 Black
  • Base 2 – lighter background 090C9B dark blue
  • Base 3 – lightest background (white) ? EFF3FB Almost white
  • Accent – main branding color FA1C01 = red

Now lets change the text & background colors on this page only.

This isn’t going to work. Carrd is to much its own system.

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