I first registered the domain in 2008. Shapleigh’s Hardware Company thrived for a hundred years, but went bankrupt during the great depression. I purchased a copy of the 2,000 page 1936 Shapleigh’s catalog and had all the pages scanned. … Read more

Writerville logo

Writerville was registered in 2006. I built a writer support blog on Writerville and maintained it for a few years. However, it never gained any traction, and I have since deleted it. The world of publishing has been turned on … Read more

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I pick up this domain from a drop list when I was new to the web and overly impressed with the skills of online marketers. In the years since then, I realize this is “over the top” for me and … Read more

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Do you think a physical classroom represents the future of education? It looks to me like COVID has sped up the uptake of technology by educators. Combined with advances in technology, I think course development and online technical education will … Read more

Running Cat logo

Running Cat was first registered in 2001. I saw this domain become available from an expired domains list and really liked it. I even had business cards (remember what those are?) printed. I never got around to serious site work, … Read more

Old Carburetors logo

Lots of guys with money are into old cars! I bought a 1941 carburetor repair manual on eBay, scanned the pages, & published them to Old Carburetors. The header image on this page shows you what it looked like. That … Read more

My son, age 16 thought Neat Chips sounded interesting and reflected his interests in microprocessors. To bad we didn’t register his initials or some other three letter domain, which were easily available at the time 🙁 was first registered … Read more

Renovating a mobile home can be an excellent way to build equity while living rent free. Mobile home renovation requires handyman skills. First time mobile home buyers also have to get past the stigma of mobile home ownership. The reward … Read more

Many people find themselves responsible for upkeep to a mobile home with no warning. An elderly relative dies and they inherit. Divorce causes financial hardships & they find only a mobile home is affordable. Some people refuse to go into … Read more

Mobile Home Doctor was first published on the web in 1999 and is still active today. It proved to me that AdSense is a viable income generating tool for certain kinds of content. Mobile Home Doctor was first registered in … Read more

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