Pixse.com was first registered in 2005. I purchased this brandable domain because it was so short, and I thought it would be memorable if used on a site with a photography emphasis. As in “Pick & See”. I tried it … Read more


Y6b.com is NOT for sale at this time. I registered a few of these three character domains when I was first starting out. I ended up using y6b for email, where such a short domain has saved me a lot … Read more


Testing Nestify web hosting on X Squared I saw a recommendation on for Nestify.io in a Facebook group The Admin Bar. This is a very good group, tightly administered, with many professional web development members. I have found that recommendations … Read more


It was a defensive registration made during the early days of the internet to “protect” Mobile Home Doctor, my primary income generating website. That has never really been necessary, so this domain hasn’t been developed. Perhaps someone in a discipline … Read more


MHDOC was a defensive registration I made in the early days of the internet to “protect” my primary income generating domain Mobile Home Doctor. This was never really necessary so the domain has remained mostly inactive. I toyed with the … Read more


EFX1 was speculation on my part. I saw it become available on a list of expired domains and thought that someone might want to use it as a brandable name. EFX suggests “effects” to me. The number of four character … Read more


What are the opportunities with 8c.biz? Two character domains are hard to find in any TLD. So, while dot biz is not my favorite Top Level Domain, shorter is always better. Like X2.biz, 8c has potential as a link shortener. … Read more

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