OakCo is my planned eCommerce site. DomainMSTR is the pilot study to make sure I know exactly how to build a much larger site on OakCo. We have thousands of collectibles to sell and fulfillment is more difficult than with … Read more


What is Walking Rain? Walking rain is a description, frequently heard in New Mexico, to describe distant rainfall. Looking out across the desert you see the flat-topped thunderheads in the distance and the rain falling down under them. Walking Rain … Read more


Sage Bookstore logo

What do you do with all the non-fiction books you bought to learn about your antiques & collectibles? I am not willing to attempt selling books on Ebay or Amazon, They have to many rules, too many fees, and are … Read more


Prayer Prints Logo

I tried a couple of times to do something with Prayer Prints, but never actually got any prints ready to sell. What could you do with Prayer Prints? I think anyone with modest graphic design skills could create an endless … Read more


Original Erzgebirge logo

Original Erzgebirge is special because it is spelled the same in both German & English. I have published assorted test sites on this domain over the years, but never built out the ecommerce aspects. What could you do with Original … Read more


Native American Arts and Crafts logo

What are the Opportunities with this domain? I was slow to pick up on how quickly globalization had rendered the word “Indian” irrelevant for Native American topics. By the time I realized the problem, the choice of a domain where … Read more


With the baby boomers aging and moving into assisted living or nursing homes I think there is a growing market for Christian wall art. Someone with graphic design talent could use a product like Canva to make attractive posters for … Read more


A ! Filters logo

What are the opportunities with A1 filters.com? There are a lot of different filters. Swimming pool filters, HEPA, photography, industrial, aquarium, etc to mention a few. The Yellow Pages are dead, but there must be a few places where coming … Read more

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