Creat your own website is an experiement to compare the desirabilty of a really long, non-dot com, with a short but cryptic dot com. Since I own both I can set them up with redirects to see which one is easier to rank.

What is the opportunity with Create your own website?

I don’t think anyone can argue all businesses and many individuals can benefit from having their own domain name & website. The competition in the site builder marketplace is fierce. Smaller companies are being acquired as the industry consolidates.

Shopify is growing fast. LiquidWeb acquired WiredTree & is now taking over LearnDash.

As competition intensifies the need for help deciding what platform to go with increases. For example, ThriveCart is an established shopping cart system used by many digital products marketers. However, I still see buyers complaining they did not realize it is not a cart system for multiple products like Shopify. That awareness often comes after they have paid the $595 for a system they now discover they can’t use.

Create Your Own Web Site would make a great project for a college web or graphics design student. As class projects or just for fun, they could use all the many site building systems to build test sites and document the process with text & video. The result would be in-depth reviews and tutorials which would be helpful to site building beginers & profitable to the designer.

What problems should you anticipate with Create Your Own Web Site?

Building traffic is always the biggest challange. However, to try all the platforms, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, etc. is going to require $50 to $100 per month in fees. In my opinion that would be money well spent, but it may be a lot for a college student.

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