Expensive products come with an Owners Manual!

  • Your cars have onwers manuals
  • Your appliances have owners manuals
  • Your cell phone should come with an owners manual 🙂

Why don’t domains come with an owners manual?

Loss of your domain can kill your business. Making sure that doesn’t happen is not hard, but you have to pay attention to lots of little details and understand a few concepts.

Domains are registered, not owned. They have to be renewed annually. The Registrar, which is the company you register your domain through, will send multiple emails to the owners address. If no one sees them because they went to a spam folder, an employee left, someone got sick, or any other reason, the domain expires and eventually becomes available for someone else to register.

Registrars will only deal with the registered owner. If you domain was registered by your developer, your nephew who has now gone off to college, or anyone other than yourself, you can lose the domain. Register emails may be going to someone who no longer cares, or that email address may have been deleted. That means you never see them until your website goes down. Then you have the “fun” of trying to get acess to that email account and password.

Think of it as a noose developers can put around the neck of clients to ensure prompt bill payment 🙂

The registration for expires in September 2022. I was first registered in 2019.

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