I was late to the eCommerce domain name game, but finally realized the scope & growth rate of eCommerce.

eCommerce is complicated!

Despite hundreds of articles and videos claiming eCommerce is easy, it’s not. There are lots of moving parts that have to work seamlessly together to provide an enjoyable experience for the customer.

The tools for building eCommerce websites are improving, but customer expectations have also gotten higher. Amazon keeps raising the bar for what people think is “normal”.

COVID sped up the acceptance of eCommerce as a business model so there are many new people who want to start an online business.

I think courses and consulting for eCommerce startups will be a growth industry for years.

Learning from SureCart

SureCart is a new shopping cart system that is being actively developed. Unlike most plugin developers, they have been transparent about the features they are including and open to suggestions for additional features.

Tracking these feature requests is an education in the complexity needed by sellers in various niche markets.

I can see why SureCart elected to build their product as a SaaS with a connector plugin for WordPress. It offloads much of the complexity onto SureCart’s servers, where they have complete control.

Walking the eCommerce walk

Probably because I am an eCom beginner myself, it is easy for me to see how complex it is, and how much I have to learn before I can build an excellent website on this domain.

What I might do is describe the features needed to handle various kinds of sales scenarios. Beginners need to be aware of these when they choose a sales platform and select software to power their business.

eCom For Beginners was first registered in 2017.

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