Freeze dryers put a whole new dimension on the idea of dried food. When talking about Dried Food, beans, rice or Cous Cous come to mind. Freeze Dryers make the good stuff you wouldn’t mind eating for a long time.

What is the opportunity with

Freeze dryers are expensive. By the time you are considering the purchase of one of them you have to be serious about food preservation.

I think someone who feels they are ready to spend $2,500 or more for their own freese dryer has or will be doing a lot of research. They will study Amazon reviews & product descriptions. If they have friends who have already puchased a freeze dryer they will want to have extensive conversations with them.

Even with extensive research there will still be surprises with the actual opeation of your new freeze dryer.

Record your freeze dryer research & make videos where possible?

Others will be interested in your findings and want to know more. Your own work establishes you as an expert worth listenig to.

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