Freeze drying food retains more flavor and nutrition than any other method of food preservation. Doing it well requires a significant investment of time and money. Time to learn how to do it well and money to purchase the necessary equipment.

Do you grow more food then you can eat & want to preserve it?

If you have been doing this for a while, others could benefit from your experience. There are lots of subtile nuances to preserving the most food, with the best flavor the most efficiently.

Someone with experience could use this domain name to pubish articles and videos about how and why they do things.

Freeze drying food implies re-hydration.

I see lots more information online about the freeze drying process and not so much about how to prepare freeze dried food when you are ready to eat it.

I think a cook with experiece doing this would get an enthusiastic response to articles and videos on this topic.

I that you?

The you might want to check out Freeze Dryers too.

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