Gerold Porzellan was a large and successful porcelain maker for over 100 years. Located in the former East Germany, they produced thousands of figurines and other porcelain items over the years.

However, changing tastes and the erratic political climate combined to cause them to shut down.

I especially liked their white with gold trim items.

The biggest problem with buying Gerold Porzellan items on eBay was damage during shipping. Ears on deer figurines would break off and flower petals were especially vulnerable. Porcelain lace seldom arrived intact.

This kind of work is no longer popular so photographing, describing and publishing our collection is not a top priority.

Porzellan or Porcelain?

To cover both the German & the American spelling, I also registered Gerold Porcelain. My plan was to build out a site at Gerold Porzellan and redirect Gerold Porcelain to it.

Gerold Porzellan was first registered in 2001.

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