As a grandfather myself, I know how hard it is to buy gifts for my wife & I. We have everything we need, we worry about our weight, so candy is a problem, and we lack space for more stuff.

Finding helpful gifts

As we age seniors develop problems bending, lifting, seeing, hearing, etc. Since the baby boomers are a huge market Amazon has thousands of products designed to provide comfort or make things easier by overcoming an aging bodies limitations.

For example, I can no longer bend over far enough to pick things up from the floor. The solution for me is a “Grabber/Reacher”. They cost about $15 and I keep several around the house. When I drop something one of these is only a few steps away. I took one with me on a recent hospital stay and it was helpful arranging blankets, and for other tasks.

Gram may not be aware of those thousands of products and/or unable to search Amazon to find them. Searching for products for which you don’t know the keywords is a skill many seniors lack.

Pay attention to Gram’s problems

Ask if something like toes hurt. Is there something like opening jars she lacks the hand strength to manage? The list is endless and unique to each person.

If you pay attention, you can find Gifts for Gram that she will use every day, be glad to receive, and think of you every time she uses your gift.

Gifts For Gram was first registered in 2017.

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