I was exited when Handyman videos turned up on a dropped domain list and I was able register it.

Video was becoming more important and Handyman Videos offered a way to move into video but with a larger scope than only mobile home related videos I planned for Mobile Home Doctor.

I did not know this label was also popular with a genre of videos I had no interest in.

Handyman video is a promising niche.

I watch a lot of home improvement videos while developing content for Mobile Home Doctor, and most are not useful to amateurs because the presenter knows too much. They assume knowledge of tools and materials that visitors with no experience lack.

They forget the little tricks they have learned along the way that make the job easier. When the visitor tries to do the job themselves it doesn’t work or is much harder.

I would develop videos for women with no handyman experience

Don’t mansplain and keep the instructions inclusive. For example, not everyone knows which way to turn a screw.

Handyman Videos was first registered in 2012.

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