Do you have some artwork you plan to sell? You realize you will need good pictures to attract the most buyers & get the best price, right?

How to Photograph Artwork is a valuable skill!

Unfortunately, artwork is hard to photograph. If the works are framed the reflections from the glass are hard to eliminate. If the camera and work are not completely plumb & square, the image will be distorted and you will need software to correct the distortion.

Do you know what tutorials are already avaliable?

I don’t so I am going to hit Google and YouTube hard to see what I can find. I will document what I find as I educate myself. If there is interest I will see about building a site on the How to Photograph Artwork domain.

Do you already know how to photograph artwork?

Then you should contact me to see about purchasing this domain for you own use. The price will be cheaper if I haven’t gotten around to working on it yet 🙂

Coming topics for the Artwork Blog.

  • How to photograph artwork for prints.
  • How to photograph artwork with phone.
  • How to photograph artwork with iPhone.
  • How to photograph artwork without glare.
  • How to photograph artwork for Instagram.
  • How to photograph artwork at home.
  • How to photograph artwork for website.

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