If you are going to do business online you need to find a good domain.

In 1995 choosing a domain name was easy. If you were one of the few who knew what a domain was, you looked for a short, memorable, dot com domain. To bad that ship sailed years ago.

With 115 million dot coms registered, most of them by speculators, finding a good domain name is hard.

You can hire a domain broker to look for you.

You can hire a drop catching service. Expensive and it may or may not work since multiple companies have their computers programed to grab drops within milli-seconds.

You can look around on domain sales sites like Flippa or NamePros. Overpriced, time consuming and no assurance you will actually find anything good.

Is dot com the only Top Level Domain (TLD) you will accept?

Dot com is the most popular TLD and has the most name registered. If you will not accept anything else you will have accept a longer, less memorable domain you can hand register, or use the methods described above the their pros & cons.

Google says TLD is not a ranking factor. I have noticed that dot io is popular with tech companies. Dot co is also used. There are more than 1,000 to choose from, so dropping the dot com requirement opens up a world of choices.

At one time or another I have personally registered dot tech & dot art & dot co domains.

I will always take a dot com if I have the choice, but it is no longer the status symbol it used to be.

Do you know how to see if a domain name is available to register?

Go to a domain Registrar like NameCheap or Dynadot. There will be a search box prominently displayed on the home page. Enter your choice and you will be told if you choice is available. You will also be shown availability in other TLD’s. Finally there will be suggested variations for you to consider.

There isn’t any charge for this service since they hope to sell you domain registrations at some point.

Spend some time playing around name ideas will develop you sense of what is and is not available, and the kind of variations people look for when they can’t get exactly what they want.

Make a list of 10 available domains that might be acceptable.

That list becomes the starting point for an Idea Consultant to research the names & discover the additional information, pro & con, about each one. Armed with those facts you will be in a position to make a decision.

Driven By Curiosity is my Idea Consulting business website.

You can look through the research I have done on my own domain inventory & decided if you would like me to do the same for your domain ideas. You might also find that one of my already research inventory domains would work for you.

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