Make and Sell



An income generating case study

Suzi & John Whitford at offer courses and support for beginners looking to generate a side income online. They have been in business for several years and have a large following.

Their method involves using Canva to individualize the templates they sell to make them your own and offer them for sale on Etsy and elsewhere.

I registered in 2004 and have never gotten around to doing anything with it. It is up for renewal & I was debating letting it expire. That’s painful when I have 18 years of renewal fees invested in it.

However, I realized that “Make and Sell” is very much what the Whitfords are promoting. Maybe signing up for their program and seeing if I can use their methods to build an online income on Make and Sell would be a fun and profitable project.

Startup Costs.

I would have to purchase Canva, since all their templates are built with it. I will have to see how many, if any, of their courses would be necessary to help me get started quickly.

I already have hosting for WordPress websites at Nestify, there is no added cost for hosting.

I have an old Etsy account I have done nothing with that could be activated to see if I could begin generating sales there.

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