Making tutorials is a hot topic in 2022

Many big players have released online course products.

Asynchronous Communication is a hot startup plugged by Chris Lema. Paft of their vision is educate clients with video. Those same videos could obviously aggregated into tutorials, or even courses.

I am a little late to the game, but need to make some of these for my own use.’s $1.89 sale on dot co domains means I can play with this for a year and see if I can make something of it.

Making Tutorials ties in nicely with Flowster

Flowster is a system to set up and manage all your businesses standard operating procedures. In effect a Flowster Template is a tutorial which shows an employee or VA EXACTLY how to do something.

I see Making Tutorials as a half-way step in formalizing my business. It will be an iterative process to get more and more granular.

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