There has been so much written about NFTs in 2021 I thought I should own at least one domain related to them.

I was clearly late to the game because it took a while to find one that was both acceptable and available.

I listened to Mark Cuban promote them. It sounded interesting but I really do not understand the space. It’s clear there will be a lot of money made and lost on NFTs in the next few years.

Given the complexity of the topic there will be a need for articles and courses which help investors make their buy/sell decisions.

Chris Lema is well established in the WordPress world. He has been posting daily for all of 2021.

He just posted an article where he asks “Can an NFT be used for more than images I don’t care about?

What motivated Lema to check this out was noticing tickets to are NFTs.

What he wrote could be thought of as page one of an NFT manual. It shows the steps he took to set up the accounts and services he needs to try out his NFT ideas.

Someone with an interest in NFTS and some “roll the dice” money could have fun learning everything possible about NFTs & blogging about the process.

I think it might be like the California gold rush in 1850. There was more money made from selling supplies and information to prospectors than gold mining. As an example, I believe Lee jeans were first made from sail cloth as durable mining wear.

Even if you NFT investments don’t turn out so well, you can probably recover some or all of you money from your blog 🙂

2022 should be an interesting year.

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