Microscopy has undergone a revolution over the last few years.

Microscopes used to cost thousands of dollars, which put them out of reach for casual use or educating children.

That has all changed. You can now purchase microscopes fora few hundred dollars, connect them to an iPhone and be able to take pictures or make videos of tiny subjects.

Microscopes are complicated.

If you search Amazon for inexpensive microscopes, you find all the vendors claim their product does wonderful things. However, reality differs from the sales hype.

I would develop this domain by studying the products and buying a carefully chosen selection of microscopes for testing.

I would use the testing process to develop instructional material for labs that would work for students of all ages and abilities.

Parents are looking for educational materials and advice. Microscopy labs would generate income from the sale of study guides & referral income from product recommendations.

Microscopy Labs was first registered in 2016.

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