The registration for expires July 2022. The domain was first registered in 2011. The length is a possible problem.

What are the Opportunities with this domain?

I was slow to pick up on how quickly globalization had rendered the word “Indian” irrelevent for Native American topics. By the time I realized the problem, the choice of a domain where it would make sense to list our Southwestern USA collectibles was limited.

Since many people find websites via search and/or their browser remembers which sites they have visited, I don’t think the length completely devalues the domain.

This domain provides an “umbrella” for our Native American Collectibles.

This is helpful because some of our collections are very small. For example, we visited Alaska in 1976 and bought a scrimshaw buckle, two baskets, and a soapstone carving. we also found a print by Rie Munoz.

What are the likely pain points with this domain?

Length is the obvious one.

Collector expertise is another. Many segments of the Native American crafts market are plagued with forgeries. Plastic turquoise, rugs from Mexico & Turkey, illegally excavated pottery, and many others.

You would need to spend some time establishing your expertise.

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