The registration for Old-Carburetors.com expires November 2021 (I plan to renew). It was first registered in 2003. It made some nice money from AdSense for several years.

Lots of guys with money are into old cars!

I bought a 1941 carburetor repair manual on eBay, scanned the pages, & published them to Old-carburetors. The header image on this page shows you want it looked like.

That was easier to do in 2003, of course, but it would still work today with a more polished website and expanded content.

This is evergreen content!

Once you have the site built you can pretty much forget about it. Except for the constant updates to your WordPress plugins, of course. 🙁

There are 4-6 pages for each of the 25 cars included in the manual. I assume they all used Carter carbs. I will include them along with the domain name.

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