How did I pick this domain?

OpasNotions is a combination of Opa, which is German for Grandpa, & Notions which all the small things like needles, scissors, thimbles, thread, etc. which a seamstress always keeps around.

Much like my idea for Retiring, I expected to write product reviews and Aging in Place suggestions for Boomers like myself.

For example, I got put on a low salt diet. When I went looking for menu suggestions I found a lot of really unhelpful advice. Obviously, most of it was written by people who did not have personal experience trying to make a low salt diet work.

Tomatos are a big part of Italian style cooking. Prepared tomato products are loaded with added salt. Cooking with fresh tomatoes is unaffordable, so how can you still enjoy a spaghetti dinner?

I discovered that tomato paste is the only prepared tomato product without added salt. That means your spaghetti dinner with pasta, sauce and hamburger can be almost salt free. Your partner can sprinkle salt on as desired.

Patients complain a low salt diet leaves them nothing to eat.

Coping with with a low salt diet would be just one of the categories of articles in Opa’s Notions.

Opa’s Notions is not holding up so well 🙁

Since registering this domain I found Retiring.Online on sale for $0.99 for the first year.

“Notions” limited me to talking about minor items that help with activities of daily living. Retiring dot online is much broader. Conversations about how to best use the power of the internet to make life easier and more convenient for aging bodies that don’t get around as well as they used to have more potential than “Notions”.

Improving your domain selection is an iterative process

I find it takes a while to develop a realistic appreciation of a domain. Do some Googling to see how others use the words and concepts in your domain choice. Let it age in your mind.

I like these cheap non-dot com domains because for a few dollars I have a year to think about it. During that year I may learn something that changes my opinion about it.

Doing the research to evaluate one domain may lead to key words and key phrases that point you toward better niches.

The supply of good domains continues to shrink.

It doesn’t hurt to have a few candidates “in the bank” in case you need them.

I used the domain GemTrails for a rockhounding blog in 2006-2008. Every year at renewal time I wondered if it was worth the $10 for another year of registration. However, I get attached to these old friends and hate to let them expire.

In 2021 a new idea for GemTrails popped into my head and I am really glad it was still registered. Time will tell if this latest great idea is a good as I think now 🙂

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