Original Erzgebirge is special because it is spelled the same in both German & English.

I have published assorted test sites on this domain over the years, but never built out the ecommerce aspects.

What could you do with Original Erzgebirge?

I still have hopes of building an ecommerce site to sell our enormous collection of Erzgebirge handcrafts from the DDR times (Between 1946 and 1989 when the wall came down.)

eCommerce for physical products is hard.

It is especially difficult for unique items like antiques & collectibles. The problem is you have to create a product description, with photos, for every item.

If you are selling a replaceable product from inventory, you can afford to take time to build polished sales pages. Each page may sell the same item hundreds of times.

With antiques, each one is different, so you need an extremely efficient way to create sales pages for EVERY item.

SureCart may make this possible.

Surecart is a new shopping cart plugin for WordPress that will start supporting physical products in 2023.

Early announcements about its features lead me to believe it will provide a way to create sales pages for nearly identical items efficiently. If correct, that would open up the potential for selling Erzgebirge antiques from this website.

OriginalErzgebirge.com was first registered in 2008.

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