Overhead videos are a popular niche

They are very common with food bloggers. Technical types use them to show how to repair things.

They have some advantages:

  • They let shy people keep their face off the video but still make it personal.

To do them well you need a substantial support system for your camera.

You need a way to frame the subject without being forced to stand on a tall ladder.

You will probably want more than one camera and be able to switch between them.

OverheadVideos.co is part of my dot co domain experiment

When shopping in Nov. 2021 the dot com was taken so I registered Overhead Videos dot co because I think non-dot coms have value.

I also niched down further and could register OverheadFoodVideos.com and OverheadPhoneVideos.com.

To get a dot com in 2022 you are going to have to go with a longer name or pay more to buy the dot com from someone.

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