The registration for expires in April 2022. The domain was first registered in 2004. I tried a couple of times to do something with it, but never actually got any prints ready to sell.

What could you do with Prayer Prints?

I think anyone with modest graphic design skills could create an endless variety of products. The biggest issue would be selecting the best Print On Demand service and dealing with the inevitable fulfillment issues during holiday seasons.

TubeBuddy says it scores Prayer 62-100 for attractivness on YoutTube. That means the competion for the phrase is reasonable and there is enough traffic for Prayer Prints to worth working on.

The same ideas would work with Gifts For Gram, since the same Prayer Print designs could be used on sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.

I can’t believe I never tried this.

Tony uses

Printful. They have posters both framed and unframed.



CustomCat. They have Woo & Shopify integrations Pretty shy about their prices. Not sure they do prints.

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