The registration for expires in December 2022. It was first registered in 2013. This is one of my only dot info domains. The dot coms of this category of domain are all held by giant financial services companies. If you have a million bucks in your portfolio, it’s amazing how many people want to be your friend 🙂

What could you do with

My Idea for was to focus on health and comfort measures for retirees. For example, I haven’t been able to reach my toes for years. I discovered “picker-uppers” and have several stashed around the house. When I drop something, one of them will be nearby for easy use.

There are thousands of these products available on Amazon!

Many are cheap enough to make buying several variations for testing affordable. I know from the Picker-Uppers I bought; they are not the same. I like the ones that will let me pick up a dropped hearing aid battery. Some won’t. The differences matter.

That sounds like an Amazon Affiliate opportunity to me.

And Google doesn’t use the TLD as a ranking factor. So you don’t HAVE to have the dot com.

Maybe a newsletter opportunity too?

With the number of potential products to review and the growing number of seniors, developing content for a newsletter should not be difficult. Checkout Curated as a tool for handling the management of your list. Note: that is NOT an affiliate link. vs vs – Which is better?

I’m not convinced some conventional wisdom about domain name selection is correct in 2022. I plan some A/B testing and other research to see which of these three domains might be the best.

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