I first registered the domain in 2008.

Shapleigh’s Hardware Company thrived for a hundred years, but went bankrupt during the great depression.

I purchased a copy of the 2,000 page 1936 Shapleigh’s catalog and had all the pages scanned.

I started building a site, but the requirements to build such a large catalog site in WordPress was beyond my technical skills.

Recent developments in page builders have changed this. I believe the Bricks theme will let me build out a useful and interesting website from the contents of this old catalog.

Why publish an old hardware catalog?

Many of the items in the catalog are now collectible. For example, there are forty pages of axes. Pocket knives are also collectible.

Fabric examples, drapes, curtains, etc. are helpful to people renovating old homes who want to create an authentic look.

There are lots of collectors of old things that would enjoy looking through an old hardware catalog.

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