What is Walking Rain?

Walking rain is a description, frequently heard in New Mexico, to describe distant rainfall. Looking out across the desert you see the flat-topped thunderheads in the distance and the rain falling down under them.

Walking Rain Gallery seems like an excellent name for a gallery specializing in art of the American Southwest.

Walking Rain Gallery as a “Hub”

Fine art collectors have very specific interests. They will not be searching for a gallery they have never heard of.

However, it requires too much time & effort to build and maintain a complete eCommerce website for every artist the gallery represents.

Walking Rain Gallery will be set up as a complete eCommerce site where I list and sell our inventory of collectibles.

I will build brochure websites for individual artists and link them to WRG for purchases.

I hope that visitors who arrive at WRG will look at our other offerings and link out to other artists that look interesting.

For example, collectors search for Willard Page. So I will make a brochure website that features our small collection of his paintings. It will have a SureCart purchase button and a sale will be processed on WRG.

WalkingRainGallery.com was first registered in 2002.

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