Testing Nestify web hosting on X Squared

I saw a recommendation on for Nestify.io in a Facebook group The Admin Bar. This is a very good group, tightly administered, with many professional web development members. I have found that recommendations made by members can be trusted.

I signed up for a $19/mo. Nestify plan a few months ago and it is working well. I like their user interface and both my sites and the backend screens load quickly.

Learning Bricks at X Squared

Bricks is a very popular new theme in the WordPress world and I think it might solve some of the issues I have had building sites using Generate Press and Kadence. It seems especially well designed to facilitate global settings for colors and typography. This encourages building sites that will be easy to update and maintain going forward.

I have configured WordPress on X2 with the Bricks theme and am customizing it according to Dave Foy’s instructions in his “Build With Bricks” course.

My initial feeling is that Bricks will work for me where other solutions haven’t.

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