Market analysis of Youtube curation

List of YouTube videos with comments

Google Search results with screencast videos documenting the process.

Popular search phrases for keyword research

Competition analysis showing characteristics of the top 10 results.

Video results come up first when searching for “YouTube curation” without quotes. Of the four results they show, the first one is from 2020, two are from 2017 and one is from 2015. That suggests that some new curation videos might leap into the top position(s).

YouTube has a fantastic amount of great information about millions of topics.

Visit YTcuration to see examples of what you can learn about curation from carefully selected YouTube videos.

YouTube has even more bad content!

Few people have the time and search skills to comb through that mountain of knowledge and find the gems.

Finding the good stuff requires the searcher to have some depth of knowledge about the topic. Without that, you can’t tell good advice from bad.

People will pay for curation!

Look at the rise of paid newsletters. They help their subscribers find accurate information on the topics they need. It saves them time and they get better answers more quickly.

There are good newsletter management tools available these days.

Check out They manage all the email delivery, list management, un-subscribes, etc. That leaves you to focus on finding the best content for your readers.

The registration for the domain expires in October 2022. It was first registered in 2020.

My YouTube curation development idea

Build a one page Carrd website using YTcuration as the custom domain and fill it with links from existing YT curation videos. It might work better to share a Notion page. No. The shared Notion page makes way to much information available to the world.

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