Having trouble finding good domains?

Maybe one in my domain portfolio is just what you need.

Over 100 million dot com domains have been registered. I doubt even 1% have been developed. Most speculators who control the undeveloped domains have wildly inflated ideas of what their domains are worth. If they aren’t actively promoting them for sale it’s impossible to track down the owners to negotiate a purchase.

That leaves beginners with the chore of coming up with name ideas which will work for them but have not yet been registered. That’s a daunting task that gets harder every year.

While the search for a good dot com gets harder every year, the non-dot com options continue to expand. There are over 1,000 other Top Level domains (TLDS) besides dot com. The shortage of affordable dot coms has pushed business founders to embrace these other options. Dot IO, CO, and many others are now in use by serious companies.

Changes, which pundits predicted would take 10-15 years, happened in a year. Do you think things are going back to the old normal? I don’t.

The price wars between competing TLD businesses has created an opportunity for inexpensive experimentation. A founder can buy some domains for less than $5 for the first year registration and use them to build on while continuing the search for better options.

Refining your hunt for the perfect domain.

A good domain name is the heart of any modern business. The changes to “normal” business practices forced by COVID have reinforced the value the right domain has to you business profits & growth. The survivors of the restaurant business are the ones who quickly pivoted to a drive through or home delivery model. Many. who lacked the technical skills or vision to move online, found the margin sucked out of their business by delivery fees from services like DoorDash.

The medical profession and the insurance industry they are coupled to, are resistant to change. In 2019 who could have predicted your doctors would be comfortable making zoom calls in 2021?

Do you avoid buying from some businesses whose products you like, because their ordering app is clunky & failure prone?

Collecting domain names since 1998

I registered my first domain (MobileHomeDoctor) in 1998. In those days you could hand register a three letter dot com. I looked at some, but the registration fee was $35 and I couldn’t afford them. Besides, I KNEW for sure that no one would ever want something like! Frank Schilling mortgaged his house to buy as many as he could; he did real well with them 🙂

Fueled by the dot com bubble, finding suitable names got more and more difficult. I once lost a domain because someone else bought it during the five minutes I dithered before pressing the “Buy” button.

I started registering domains to make sure I had them when needed. I think of it as insurance. If I register 10, eventually develop 1 and let the other 9 expire, that is better than struggling to find the right one when needed.

The Doman List is an alphabetical listing, by title, of domains which I collected over the years. Each post summarizes my ideas for developing that domain.

Look through my domains to see if one might work for you.

If you see one of mine you think you could profit from, use the contact form to send me an offer.

Contact me if you have questions or want to make a purchase offer.

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