See See also Which is the better domain. If you are looking for a domain name in 2022, which of these looks the most attractive? I plan some research to find out.

Good art photography is important & getting more so. With more creatives working from home the need for photography skills has increased. How to photograph art is a site that combines curation of the best information about art photography from … Read more

Do you make & sell one of a kind jewelry? Then you have a photography challenge. Good photos sell products. Jewelry, with it’s reflective surfaces, is hard to photograph. But, when you are starting out selling your jewelry online you … Read more

The registration for expires in January 2022. It was first registered in 2008. This is an unfinished website that has been online for more than five years. I copied all 2,000 pages on the 1936 catalog and got about … Read more

The registration for expires in March 2022. It was first registered in 2005. I purchased this brandable domain because it was so short, and I thought it would be memorable if used on a site with a photography emphasis. … Read more

The registration for expires February 2023. It was first registered in 2004. OakCo is my planned eCommerce site. DomainMSTR is the pilot study to make sure I know exactly how to build a much larger site on OakCo. We … Read more

How to photograph artwork logo

Do you have some artwork you plan to sell? You realize you will need good pictures to attract the most buyers & get the best price, right? How to Photograph Artwork is a valuable skill! Unfortunately, artwork is hard to … Read more

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