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An income generating case study Suzi & John Whitford at offer courses and support for beginners looking to generate a side income online. They have been in business for several years and have a large following. Their method involves … Read more

I first registered the domain in 2008. Shapleigh’s Hardware Company thrived for a hundred years, but went bankrupt during the great depression. I purchased a copy of the 2,000 page 1936 Shapleigh’s catalog and had all the pages scanned. … Read more was first registered in 2005. I purchased this brandable domain because it was so short, and I thought it would be memorable if used on a site with a photography emphasis. As in “Pick & See”. I tried it … Read more

OakCo is my planned eCommerce site. DomainMSTR is the pilot study to make sure I know exactly how to build a much larger site on OakCo. We have thousands of collectibles to sell and fulfillment is more difficult than with … Read more is NOT for sale at this time. I registered a few of these three character domains when I was first starting out. I ended up using y6b for email, where such a short domain has saved me a lot … Read more

Testing Nestify web hosting on X Squared I saw a recommendation on for in a Facebook group The Admin Bar. This is a very good group, tightly administered, with many professional web development members. I have found that recommendations … Read more

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Writerville was registered in 2006. I built a writer support blog on Writerville and maintained it for a few years. However, it never gained any traction, and I have since deleted it. The world of publishing has been turned on … Read more

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It has been used to show some of our Willard Page paintings, but is not currently online. What can you do with My plan was to build a small WordPress website to show off our small collection of about … Read more

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I pick up this domain from a drop list when I was new to the web and overly impressed with the skills of online marketers. In the years since then, I realize this is “over the top” for me and … Read more

What is Walking Rain? Walking rain is a description, frequently heard in New Mexico, to describe distant rainfall. Looking out across the desert you see the flat-topped thunderheads in the distance and the rain falling down under them. Walking Rain … Read more

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